Our Community

The name of the community where we work is called Villa Faro (Lighthouse Village). Several people from this neighborhood work in factories. Due to the low wages most try to find work elsewhere as the average wage is about $100 USD a month. Some families live off of fishing, some start their own small businesses such as car washes or selling empanadas or other food. Many men are motor taxi drivers or mechanics. Unfortunately, young people begin to get involved in prostitution or selling drugs as a way to earn money.

Teen pregnancy is very prevalent and many of these young mothers and fathers do not take on the responsibility of being parents. They leave their children with the grandparents and the grandparents have to take on the responsibility as the main caregiver. Sometimes the grandparents don’t have the resources to be raising their grandchildren. Young parents don’t make their children a priority; they more so focus on “enjoying” their own life with alcohol, drugs, parties, and prostitution.

Villa Faro is a growing community with lots of potential. Good examples and positive role models are needed so that both young and old can change their outlook and have the desire to be different and have a healthier community. It’s important for them not to focus only on their poverty, but focus on values such as respect, honesty, and to be conscious of their actions. If adults become positive role models, then children will begin to have positive influences from when they are young.

We are trying to be part of that good example to help to change the mindset of young people that even though they are poor they can be better for tomorrow, be professionals, be respectful, but they also need to have dedication and a good attitude. We want to see the children in Villa Faro to grow and to have hope for a better future.