Our City

Children of Peace Foundation works within the city of San Pedro de Marcorís. San Pedro de Macorís is a southeastern city in the Dominican Republic. It is located at the mouth of the wide estuary of the Macorís River. San Pedro is home to many Major League Baseball players.
This city is surrounded by sugar cane fields making sugar their main industry. Besides sugar, corn milling, clothing, soap and alcohol distilling are also part of the industry.
In San Pedro you will find a very alive and colorful small town. The city consists of colonial buildings and an authentic Caribbean flair.
Families living in the southeastern region of the Dominican Republic live in extreme poverty.  In southeastern communities it is difficult to find a steady job which requires families to move out of the community or work small jobs making around $8 a day.  They work hard to get two meals a day while the situation gets even harder when droughts occur.
Many children abandon school to help contribute to their family’s income. Children get involved in dangerous activities to make money, such as scavenging in the dump, drug trafficking, and child prostitution.

Juan aims to steer children away from these dangerous activities