Our Work


Children of Peace foundation helps meet nutritional needs of children in the local community. This includes food, water, vitamins and other necessities to improve physical health. The founder of this organization, Juan; has a heart for feeding the children in his community.  Supplying their physical needs benefits their overall health making them stronger.



After the physical needs are met we aim to influence the children’s perspective of the world, others, and themselves.  Most kids have a hard understanding of wrong from right due to the cultural influences that surrounds them. At Children of Peace Foundation, we set standards that help children learn morals that will improve their perspective on life.  We help guide them into a new way of thinking. This provides a chance for the kids to establish a healthy mindset away from the negativity of their culture.


After mental health needs are met, we are very passionate about guiding the kids on a spiritual path as well.  At Children of Peace Foundation, the most important thing we want our kids to experience is a relationship with Christ. Without God there is no hope. Therefore, we teach the kids about the hope God gave us by sending his son to die for us. By the grace of God and trusting alone in Jesus Christ our Savior we are put right with God and adopted by the Father into His family and receive eternal life. At Children of Peace Foundation, we are dedicated to share the gospel with the children at our foundation. By the grace and forgiveness of God, we have hope.