5 Year Project Plan for Foundation Home

Children of Peace Foundation is in the process of their biggest project, They are building a home to house kids and keep mission groups as they travel to serve in the Dominican Republic.  This benefits the kids by keeping them safe by giving them a place to call home.

This house will also serve as a guest house to host short and long-term mission trips

The house is expected to be finished in the next 5 years.



The home was purchased to become the mission home for Children of Peace Foundation. The house was originally and old bar and needed to be renovated. The pictures below show the original building before starting the renovations.

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The foundation home has developed since it was first purchased. The progress of the home has been growing into a safe place that will be called home by many.

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Future Plan

Children of Peace Foundation is looking forward to the final project. The house is expected to be under these conditions at the end of the 5-year project plan.

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