Children usually follow the example their parents have set for them. Children are especially vulnerable as many parents don’t give their children the attention or the time they need. Many children don’t have three meals a day, which leads them to constantly having to ask for money on the street. Children grow up without a good education or good manners as they are surrounded by bad influences from such a young age. Children growing up in these environments don’t understand that to have a better future they need to work hard.

Many children don’t have the support at home to do well in school. Often times children will go home after school and their parents aren’t there. They don’t have anyone to help them with their homework. Sometimes children will go to school the next day without having done their homework. And the children that do their homework sometimes can’t complete it due to a lack of resources such as a computer, internet or a printer.

We want to be able to provide a space where they can have access to resources they need to do well in school. To eliminate that feeling that they are less than because their family can’t afford it or they don’t have supportive parents. Also, when children haven’t done their homework it sometimes makes them not want to go to school so they don’t have to deal with their teacher. For all of these different reasons we have set up a homework club with the hope that these children will start to enjoy going to school and regaining their confidence.

There is also a need for children to learn more about who God is. Someone to lead them in their spiritual life as most parents don’t take on this role. If children learn about God, it will help them to stay away from the bad influences that are so readily available to them and choose to do what is right. That they would understand that their actions have consequences. It is important to teach children how to differentiate between right and wrong. And to invest in their character by teaching them good values, how to be humble, be sincere, have genuine friendships, and to love their neighbor. Through knowledge we want to empower children to help others and to not only think about themselves. To learn to live with the people around them, to grow up and be adults that make a difference.

We a want to create an environment where children can grow in their knowledge about God and begin to walk with Him, and to have a safe place to study the bible. In the future these children will be an example to their peers and their families. With all that they learn they can positively change their families, friends and the environment around them. It is important to teach children that God can transform their lives and that tomorrow they can have a better life, have a good heart and mind.